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There is no fixed indication here. You should consider many things that can take several weeks, such as the registration and approval for a no-stopping zone and also the capability of your desired moving company. So the sooner the better!

You can get a No-stopping ban in two ways:
Firstly, you can assign umzug-berlin.eu to set up a no-stopping zone. For this, you have to specify the date and address of the move-out and move-in locations to us and we’ll take care of the applications to the authorities, the pick-up and the assembly and disassembly of items and the installation of no-stopping signs.

Secondly, you can set up the no-stopping ban yourself. For this, you must submit an application to the Road Traffic Office at least one week before the move. You must pick up and set up the no-stop signs at least four days before the move and immediately dismantle and return them after the move.
Read more about setting up a no-parking zone here.

It depends on how much, how high and how far you have to move. Each move is individual and requires a different lead time, that’s why you should hire a moving company about 4 weeks in advance. So it’s better too early, than too late because it usually takes time to get the permits.

You don’t have to buy moving boxes, book boxes, clothes boxes or bubble wrap. There is a possibility to rent them because it is worth using rental boxes if you want to get rid of them immediately after the move.

Yes, we will be happy to organize the storage of your removal goods.
Here you can find out about the storage of all kinds of furniture and other items.

Yes, you can have your moving date postponed if necessary. It would be beneficial for you to contact us as early as possible so that we can register your new desired date.

Yes, if you wish, you and your friends can also help us with the move. We have no problem with it!

You are welcome to ask us to dismantle or assemble your furniture for an additional charge.

Relocation offers generally include legal insurance of the goods being moved. Every moving company is obliged to have transport insurance. The amount of the insured value must be at least EUR 620.00 per cbm.

Every move is individual and so the number of boxes needed for a move can vary greatly. Therefore, we can not give a general indication of how many moving boxes you will need. Just give us a call and tell us briefly about your move and we will be happy to give you free advice about your needs for moving boxes.