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Mastering the move from Berlin to Dortmund

If in the future it will be Borussia Dortmund instead of Tennis Borussia Berlin, you will probably be moving from the federal capital to the city in the Ruhr area. You should organize the project well, otherwise it could be too much for you.

What to consider when moving from Berlin to Dortmund

Your furniture is in Berlin and all your household items in Dortmund are waiting for you in an empty apartment. Your task is to possibly renovate the new apartment and furnish it with your furniture. As soon as the Berlin apartment has been vacated, it usually needs to be renovated before you can hand it over. But what does that mean in detail?


That is the process. The question remains whether you organize the move yourself with friends or rather hire a moving company from Berlin.

Ready to move?

Are you looking for a secure and inexpensive partner or a waste disposal company for your move to Berlin?

Option 1: You move from Berlin to Dortmund without professional help

You need about five to six friends to help you, you or one of the helpers should have a class 3 driver’s license (obtained before 2013) or C to drive a truck with a gross vehicle weight of 7.49 tonnes. With vehicles of this size, you can usually transport the furnishings of a 2-room apartment without a kitchen. If your apartment is larger or no one has the required driver’s license, it is better to choose option 2: Moving with a moving company from Berlin.

Your schedule goes something like this:

Umzug Gelsenkirchen – so stellen Sie es clever an

Bottom line: You have massive stress for about two months. The move will cost you around 1,000 euros (400 euros basic rent, 600 euros fuel and kilometer price, 100 euros return journey by train). It will be a little cheaper if you find someone who is moving from Dortmund to Berlin at the same time. But that significantly increases the stress factor.

Ready to move?

Are you looking for a secure and inexpensive partner or a waste disposal company for your move to Berlin?

Sie kontrollieren die Kosten – Aktuelle Umzug Berlin Fürth Preise

Option 2: Move with a specialist from Berlin to Dortmund

The professional knows his way around and provides well-trained moving helpers. As a layperson, you can hardly believe it, but such a team manages to set up the entire facility from Berlin in the apartment in Dortmund in 48 to 72 hours. After saying goodbye to friends and acquaintances in Berlin, with whom you could certainly spend one or two nights, you drive comfortably to Dortmund and can live there in the new apartment immediately.

If you wish, the professionals will also take care of the final cleaning, any necessary renovations and the disposal of any inventory left in the apartment. Since a new tenant can move in immediately, you save yourself double rent payments. By the way: The professionals even organize piano transport from apartment to apartment, even if you have to go through narrow stairwells.

Special problems when moving

The apartment in Dortmund is smaller than the Berlin apartment

If you are downsizing in the long run, you should start selling or giving away household items and furniture that you do not want to take with you a long time before the move date. If you can’t find buyers, or if someone in your circle of friends doesn’t want to take it, offer these social facilities before you throw it all away.

Do not part with any part of the facility if you intend to rent or buy larger accommodation in Dortmund after a while. Opt for storage. It makes sense to rent a container or storage space in Dortmund. Your moving company from Berlin will bring the part that you currently do not need to the warehouse and the rest to the new apartment. As soon as you have a bigger place to stay, hire a moving company from Dortmund to move everything there.


Parking in front of the house

Typical problems are zones into which the truck is not allowed to enter or parking bans. In such cases, special permits must be applied for. Sometimes parking is allowed, but the parking spaces are occupied immediately.

In order to reserve a place in front of the house, the moving company applies for a single or double-sided no-parking zone to be set up. It will legally set up official no-stopping signs in good time before the move.

Cost of moving from Berlin to Dortmund

Without detailed knowledge, it is impossible to give specific prices for moving from Berlin to Dortmund. These depend not only on the weight and volume of the facility, but also on how easily accessible the apartments are. It also depends on whether additional services such as clearing out a cellar are desired. You will therefore not be helped by the experiences of friends who know the prices for moving from Dortmund to Berlin, because it always depends on the individual case.

Get a binding offer at a fixed price so that you can find out the costs long before the move.